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OK. So now "we" (the SA community) have solved the issue about the bowsprit in the true Flying-Tiger-collaborate-design-spirit.
Bob (I presume)/DA MAN/locomotive/a.o. - do you have any other issues you need resolved? ;)
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I wonder why not design it to fit Class 40 Box?

FTs are hot + Class 40 is hot = ??

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Kent Hawkins said:
I got an email from a buddy of mine that has a better question but does not post here. FT 12.8 = ORC 42 =12.8 meters....


These boats cost an arm, leg and then some. So is Hiptrader trying to go down the route of the Farr 40 OD which started life as an IMS boat? Hobie Tiger = F18 class, J24 MORC.

Another question is that are they using the same builder? Lots of yards in Taiwan may not be doing a lot of business these days.

GP 42 AKA ORC 12.8 meter





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OK - since I am in the market having sold the Express 37 -

I'm looking for something that can be used for West Coast shorthanded ocean racing, in the bay beer cans, cruising with the family of 4.

Easily driven hull shape - narrow & long, not a skimming dish

Stiff, which with the narrow hull means deep keel w/bulb

A modified open cockpit, ala synergy 1000. Seats up front with coamings, open in the back


Not sure if carbon mast is required but would be nice

simple rig, running backs to keep the mast around when flying a masthead assym in big breeze is fine

Assyms, prod, non-overlapping headsail, roachy main

Standard interior with the weekend and ocean needs taken care of.

Modern Olson/Santa Cruz 40?

Give me something good before I join the darkside and get a 10m cat.

We are definitely interested in the 40ft range- primarily for ocean racing with a crew of 4-5. Because of this, the boat and gear must absolutely be dependable- so add that to Da Man's "Fast, Fun, and Affordable." Mandatory to have the manufacturer stand behind the product (kudos to the FT team on this one), much better to not have problems in the first place. Something along the performance band of a J125 would be ideal....emphasis on racing. Medium tech but bullet proof

Assymetric- easest to handle.

Limited sail set- Code 0 and AP with a zipper (ala Class 40). Maybe a Code 6 as well so fractional spin halyard.

Sprit- these always seem to leak so don't allow them to retract bare into the forecabin.

Accomodations- proper pipe berths, one head, plumbing for salt water and fresh water to sink, two-burner stove.

Small water distiller, 30 gal water tank, 30 gal diesel tank

Nav Station- the Class 40 is again a great concept putting this amidships. Area for VHF, GPS, SSB, Sat phone and two laptops

No liner

Two batteries with low warning light

Ability to hand-start diesel engine (yes- first hand experience with this during SD-Puerto Vallarta, see above)

Decent upwind performance-bitchin' fast offwind. Maybe 125%-130% jib.

Class 1 compliant (tiedowns for two anchors, external handles for bilge pumps, etc)

Ability to easily replace rudder (so is probably transom-hung)

Kelp window and kelp cutter

No wood

Wet locker

Locking latches

Moderate protection from the elements for the non-driver crewman

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for me, the perfect boat would be race pedigree, with just enough of a light weight interior to make it overnight and family friendly (and really, that just means a usable head and standing headroom). but offshore/off the wind optimized or round the cans/upwind and down wind optimized? big question. but rather than going to either extreme there is a pretty big perfromance sweet spot right right in the middle.

There are alot of designers out there doing some very interesting leading edge work on speed, stability, optimization for a boat like this. hopefully some thought it put into this design. doens't raise the cost at all to build a fast design.



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I would be interested in a FT12.8 if it was similar to the RADICAL 40.


The essential aim has been to create the most powerful yacht that could be packed into a container and also towed on the road, without needing a special transporter or a heavy vehicle licence. And the Radical 40 is a yacht, not a dinghy with a keel. The stability comes from intelligent use of the ballast, not from the crew weight over, or in, the water.

Additionally, the Radical 40 is intended to be a short-handed yacht, able to be comfortably sailed by a crew of 3.

The architect was requested to design a boat more powerful, lighter and cheaper than a Farr 40. The aim was to achieve at least as much righting moment with the Radical’s crew on the centreline as the Farr 40 achieves with the crew on the rail. The Radical 40 achieves these goals.

To be easily transported, the Radical 40 has:

• An easily lifted keel

• A towing weight of 3,500kg

• A lightweight, easily separated 2 piece mast

• A beam that allows for upright stowage in a container on its trailer

• A dagger-board style rudder

For the ultimate performance the Radical 40 incorporates:

• A keel that cants to 45 degrees

• A large bulb on a deep fin

• Asymmetric wings on the keel bulb for leeway control

• A square-headed Americas Cup style sail plan, with 108sq/mt working sail

• Full carbon fibre construction

• PBO standing rigging on a carbon fibre mast

Radical 40 Specifications:

LOA 11.975 metres 39’ 3”

LWL 11.182m 36’ 8”

Beam 2.275m 7’ 5”

Draft 3.0m 9’ 10”

Displacement 3,400kgs 7,500lbs

Ballast 1,700kg bulb: cants to 45 degrees

Sail area

Main 68sq/m 731sq/ft

Jib 40sq/m 430sq/ft

Asymmetric 180sq/m 1937sq/ft

Engine Volvo D1-30 22.5kw (30hp)


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"And the Radical 40 is a yacht, not a dinghy with a keel. The stability comes from intelligent use of the ballast, not from the crew weight over, or in, the water."

Just say NO
'Stupid is as stupid does'.

'Nuff said.

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Aka - how many boats have they sold so far?

I don't know the answer to your question.

Marketability is heavily effected by factors such as price point, and the boats built down under are quite pricey (at least for the Yanks, given the US$ exchange rate).

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