FU Buy an Ad !! . This is YOUR chance to go from Broke/Homeless to World Cruiser

OK so maybe sudda been in BLUEWATER ANARCHY

This boat Won't Last Long Once off the hard

Come Haul Away - Come Haul Away - Come Haul Away your DREAM YACHT


1974 Ferro cement 37ft sloop


Listed 2 days ago in Churchton, MD






About This Vehicle



Exterior color: Grey · Interior color: Brown

Fuel type: Diesel


Seller's Description

This boat is free. It needs lots of work but, has lots of good hardware and rigging. The deck is soft in many areas. The hull is salvageable if you have experience with Ferro cement. Guess you could also glass it over. The year is unknown but, likely early 70s. Condition of Diesel engine is unknown. Contact Herrington Harbour North Yacht yard and marina for more info. www.herringtonharbour.com











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quod umbra said:
Woody, is there a difference between broke/homeless and world cruiser?

I fear those pictures do not do her justice.
I'm thinking that sleeping under a bridge is actually a better choice than that "boat"

FB- Doug

quod umbra said:
Woody, is there a difference between broke/homeless and world cruiser?

I fear those pictures do not do her justice.
Yes Big Difference

WiFi  ..................... Bet someone on here is going - Oh SHIT they found me !!!

their Vlog likely putting them somewhere around Paradise in the Far South Pacific

bitching about the Sat Autio-Track Dome becoming a perch for some Exotic Colorful Bird once thought Extinct

and the noise from their Sister Ship Hosting dignitaries w Strippers, Hookers & Blow all night for the past week

where they lost their $40K Rolex in the Jacuzzi

likely arguing with others here to make it sound realer

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That hull looks somewhat more fair than your photo-boat façade...
fair enough

But I do have WiFi and a trailer

and as you know full well I actually have plied the waters of The South Pacific & Frisco

surrounded by Buckets of The Who's-Who in the Best of Possible Times/Circumstances

(ya got the Pix too)

how's yer boat these days ??

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Yeah... that was a bit of a barbed comment. Sorry. Pointing out pot calling the kettle black.

My boat is looking and running great these days! November will see Yamaha engine service (fresh cooling water impellers, oil change, etc.), replace the anchor windlass, replace bilge pumps, upgrade the electronics, add AIS. Just a few boat bucks! :lol: