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Drew Brees is speaking out on Glenn Foster's death ... posting a touching tribute to his former New Orleans Saints teammate on Tuesday.

"My heart goes out to the family and friends of my former teammate Glenn Foster," the future Hall of Famer said Tuesday on Instagram. "I’ll always remember his smile and positive nature."

As we previously reported, Foster died while in police custody on December 6 ... just two days after he was initially arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and attempting to elude.



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Great decision making at the highest levels of bears management to sign that guy fro 6 mil...  2 mil guaranteed...  

New GM is 0fer on the new contracts...  

Gonna be a fun year.  

Hope fields gets out alive... 
Kinda hard to catch a football like this!



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NBA decided to one up Jason

"Charlotte Hornets big man Montrezl Harrell is facing felony drug charges after being pulled over by a Kentucky state trooper last month, as first reported by Roderick Boone of the Charlotte Observer. The incident occurred on May 12, when Harrell was pulled over and admitted to being in possession of marijuana. Three pounds of marijuana were found in vacuum-sealed bags in a backpack in the back seat. Harrell claims the car, a 2020 Honda Pilot, was rented."

Grande Mastere Dreade

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now Brett Favre was always considered the shortest elevator in the building outside of football.. but this is outstanding.. I guess he's a candidate for a role in "the longest yard 2"

Legendary NFL quarterback and former Southern Miss star Brett Favre is under fire for the role that his charity played in funneling money to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation from 2018 to 2020, according to tax records obtained by The Athletic and ESPN. During this time, Favre also reportedly tried to raise money for a new volleyball center at the university, where his daughter was a member of the team.

Favre's charity, Favre 4 Hope, was created to support charities that provide support to underserved and disabled children and breast cancer patients, according to its mission statement. However, the charity made three large donations to the USM Athletic Foundation totaling more than $130,000. Those sums were significantly more than donations made to other organizations. Favre 4 Hope's role is part of a much larger welfare scandal involving the misappropriation of roughly $77 million, making it the largest public corruption case in Mississippi history

Brett Favre owes Mississippi $600,000 in speaking fees for events he never attended, officials say
The former NFL quarterback promised to repay the state after an audit released in May 2020 revealed $1.1 million had been paid to Favre’s company, Favre Enterprises

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