Fusion Stereo integration with XM Weather/ B&G Zeus


I'm upgrading the stereo in my boat and have a few questions regarding integration of the XM Weather antenna. 

Current set up:

(2) Zeus 2 12" chartplotters

Go-Free wifi

Full Simnet set up (Ethernet)

XM Weather WM-3 

New: Fusion Apollo 770 

I would like to have the ability to control the XM radio from both my Fusion stereo as well as the Zeus displays.  The Fusion has both NMEA 2000 and Ethernet capabilities.

1. is it possible to control XM from both devices?  

2. how should I wire the Fusion for this to work?  



Gulf Coast, TX
I'm not sure about XM control, but you should just be able to wire it to the N2K network via a drop cable and then the audio tab will show up on your B&G display.  You might need to enable the Audio tab in the B&G software somewhere, but I seem to remember it being pretty much plug and play.

I believe that the Ethernet is used to network multiple Fusion units together, as well as to control them over your local boat network with your phone.

The fusion install manual is very thorough: https://assets.fusionentertainment.com/products/downloads/Fusion-Apollo-RA770-Installation-Instructions_EN.pdf?mtime=20180816112524