Garmin Fenix 6 Solar Series

Looking for a watch for extended remote use - on the water and off. Typically I buy automatics, but was looking at the range of features and functions offered by the Fenix 6 Solars, as well as the ability of some models to integrate with Garmin electronics on board. 

Anyone here have any experience with this specific series, and thoughts to share? 

Lots of options and functions to choose from. See that they also have a marine version (not thrilled with the shiny metal bezel though, but it’s not a total deal breaker).

I also no longer need any of the multi sport, fitness, or health/diagnostic functions. 

Main concern is having to charge the unit. I’ve owned previous Garmin (and other brands) multi sport/GPS/HR watches and my main reason for abandoning use was having to charge them, or having the charge run out at the wrong times.

The Garmin site uses ambiguous language like “extend your charge,” and that they can run for 14-24+ days (depending on the model) in “smart mode,” but doesn’t say anything about an ability to run perpetually on solar only, without charging always being necessary. 

Second reason I tended to stop using these types of watches was way too much complexity and unused features that I had to buy in order to get the features that were important to me.

Thoughts before I spend? Many thanks. 

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Crewmate has a Fenix 5, which he likes. So much so santa brought me a Quantix 6 for xmas (black friday deal), the marine version of the Fenix. Have not used it sailing yet, it's winter here. Used it backcountry skiing and battery life really depends on how many sensors you have enabled. GPS is a big draw, but even always on, there is still plenty of charge after 24hrs. With GPS off, well over a week. Way better than my Samsung watches. 

The Quantix has the built-in sailing features that are probably available as apps on the Fenix, things like controlling your (garmin) autopilot, monitoring your (garmin) instruments, ...

Things that bug me (compared to my old Samsung Galaxy watches).. no wireless charging, no touch screen, no rotary bezel, which is great for scrolling through settings and increment/decrement operations. The UI on garmin watches pretty much sucks in comparison. 

What I like about the garmin...

   1.  I can read its display in bright sun.

  2. I can read its display in bright sun.

  3. Battery life.

The fact that it is big and heavy is a non-issue for me.

Edit: In all fairness, my Samsung watches are way more readable indoors. Without the backlight, I find the Quantix hard read indoors, especially in low light. But I usually don't wear my watch indoors. That's what my phone is for, among other things. 

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I have it and love it. Battery life is great. They just released the fenix 7 if you want touch screen and more battery life….

you need a gnt 10 on your n2k network to connect your watch.


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Huge fan on the Qautix 6. Long battery life, gets to the point in its functions. Doesn't look half bad either. I used mine with GPS running for 8 hours this past weekend. Went from 100% to 72% battery. When not using GPS, I get 5-7 days easily between charges.