Gary Rossinton DTS


Super Anarchist
I saw him play a couple years ago with Lynyard Skynyard.
What is Freebird without him on the line?

As we left the concert two 7 foot drunks were dunking it out with their drunk old ladies on their shoulders tangling too. 3-4 cops could not make a dent on the idiots and were awaiting backup.

As we passed by, a buddy from down south who had seen the band many a time remarked "It's not a Skynyard concert until there is a good fight in the audience.."

Hall of fame band at the Pearly Gates has been getting a lot of fresh talent as of late ;<(
Sad to hear…
I inherited from my parents the original Street Surviors album with the album cover where the band was on fire. I broke it out a couple months ago and cranked it up so my neighbors could enjoy them as well. :LOL:

If you care to hear an interesting perspective of the plane crash, Howard Stern interviewed Artimus Pile close to 20 years ago, very sad and ironic what happened to them. I tried to link it here but it seems to be only available to those folks who pay to listen to Stern.

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