Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place


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They are negotiating and scheduling ten hours of sex for tonight. Including what will be inserted where and who will bring the whine.

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No. Just, no. She's got crazy eyes.
Every time I see people like that espousing their freedoms and the benefits of how they live, I can't help thinking that they can do it because of the long tail of technology that they either gloss over or decry.

Synthetic cloth and metals for starters. Hunting - pretty simple to shoot rabbits with a silenced 22LR with scope Try hunting them with a lump of chipped rock and see how you go.

The mindfulness bit I get, for sure. I think that's why a lot of us go sailing. Travel with minimal noise and places with few other people.



If you can watch the whole thing, it forces me to try and answer many un asked questions that also come up in sea voyaging videos. The difference is in our vision of of our importance. They have it all and it does them no good. It's eerie, in a smarmy way.


I have a theory that most of these videos aren’t from narcissistic personalities (like Doug / Seeker) but from histrionic ones (in the sense of HPD)

Histrionic disordered types are always creating drama and putting on a show, in hope of impressing and then getting the attention from others that they did not receive from their primary caregivers.

This is an unconscious impulse, logically.

The YT audience in its vastness and capriciousness is the perfect proxy for the absent father.

The gushing comments - the unrestrained adoration - the love - when they do it “right” - after decades of yearning - must be an incredible buzz for them.

They will never give it up. They cannot. Moths dance around the flickering, OLED flame.

I’ve read somewhere that HPD is the saddest of the Cluster B disorders.

Even too much is never enough.


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I suspect those women have a greater love affair with the camera than with sailing or boating in general... probably wouldn't even matter whether they were doing Tiny Homes, RV's or gardening.

(So embarrassed) I actually went past the one minute mark on that vid, Israel. Yech!

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Was this an episode of Sister Wives?
I think so...the channels are starting to run together.

It's certainly harder to find new sailing channels that are doing anything original. Also difficult to go back and locate some channels that were enjoyable. I guess the algorithm is much more honed to send a channel into the dark netherworlds if it doesn't get a lot of traction.


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classic rookie mistake. Jerry jugs on deck = bad. Full jerry jugs with a piece of little string holding them in place = extry bad


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