Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place


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Agree - I’d want an oven too. We use ours a lot.
Actually the switch from a gas oven to an electric convection oven was more important to us than going with induction for the hobs. Perfect temperature control, even heat distribution. There might be good gas ovens somewhere but I have never seen one that can compete with electric.



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This is what I see when I see a stern arch with solar panels and dinghy and other shit

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Wonder what they have for self-steering on that big wooden tub (for longer overnights, I.e., passages)? They’ve got a dinghy in davits astern - surprised they didn’t fit windvane self-steering.

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I don't think they have anything yet but I don't follow them all that closely. I've always thought that boat design was the ugliest one George ever drew.

Anyway you can have a dinghy in davits or a wind vane steering gear. They chose the davits. I guess they can unbolt it all if they decide a wind vane is necessary, which has always been my plan.



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Think windage is my message. Giant waves sweeping the deck sure might be a thing in the Southern Ocean but on typical cruising routes in the lower latitudes not so much

Arch with a few solar panels = probably give up 1-2 degrees of pointing. Add a dinghy and a motor on the stern rail and it increases
Lining up jerry jugs on the railing - about 1-2
Paddleboards or kayaks on your lifelines - 3 degrees
Using mesh nettings on your lifelines or fixed mast steps all the way - maybe 4 or 5 degrees. Both are a ton of windage and mast steps are a lot of weight up high, thus you can't carry as much sail.

These are just WAG so don't take them too seriously. The mesh on the lifelines is hundreds of little drag devices and is probably the worst offender.
So that's why my tacking angle is 100 degrees! I have all but the dinghy on the stern rail, but two outboards, and without the mesh netting on lifelines. I might ditch the kayak on the lifelines, I've only used it a few times. But I cannot live without the mast steps, with my rigging issues I've been up the mast over a dozen times just in the past month (very light so weight is not the issue), and being singlehanded they make it trivial to climb the mast.
Well, I wish him the best. As for simple, exciting, gorgeous sailing videos, I think he has very few equals. And from a part of the world that doesn't get as much coverage due to the low bikini ratio. Ulcerative cholitis is certainly made worse by stress and I bet paying for a house with a deep water dock and keeping a cruising yacht in North Sea trim takes everything he makes, even with sponsorships.
Erik has posted a trailer for videos from his summer odyssey:



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I got over to see Tally Ho on Saturday during the PT Wooden Boat Festival and it was a mob scene. The crowd formed well before the 10am start and was still just as big at the scheduled 1pm close. Understandably, you could only stand on deck a peek down into the hull but based on what I saw of the hull up close and the interior from 10' away, the level of craftmanship is as high in real life as it appears on video.