Girls of the 470 Class


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On our way to Oslo after World's, we stopped in Lake Garda after getting a tip from Federico from Melges Europe about a big event on the lake. We headed over to the end of the lake and easily found the 100-odd boats at the 470 European Championship, and Mer went shopping while I hung around and met a bunch of the sailors. The girls here made the Porto Cervo chicks look tired, and fortunately, I had Mer's camera.

Save your complaints about what a sexist, lecherous bastard I am. I already know. I promised you some pics of the gorgeous athletes of the 470, and here they are.


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much better than the radial chicks. my favorite memory from sailing 470s is the czetch girls changing in the parking lot. thanks for letting relive that moment.



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Hardbody 470 Chicks are super sizzling hot. Especially the Euro chicks who declined to use the changing rooms here at the Sail Melbourne Regatta in January and just slipped out of their clothes and into their sailing gear in the middle of the boat yard. I had to go back there each day of the regatta at the same time just to make sure I wasn't seeing things :p

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