Gluing batten to Tape Drive Sail...


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Making a door awning for the Better Half with old sail materials.   What glue is best for outdoor resistance when gluing a fibreglss batten to what I believe is Mylar film on a UK Tape Drive sail?

Thanks in advance.
5200 and it’ll still be attached for the apocalypse 



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I tried to glue some sea boots together with 5200 before a three day ocean race years ago. By the end of the race the boots were falling apart again and the boat was covered in little eraser-shavings of 5200. Boots went in the trash before I got in the car to drive home. But should work on Mylar scrim for an awning (are tapedrives made on a Mylar scrim?).


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Try 3M spray adhesive 77.

light hit to the batten and the sail,  wait 30 sec's and stick together.

  very strong weather resistant bond.  Also pretty cheap at ~$9 a can...

  you can do a lot of gluing w one can.