God Speed Meaghan Van Liew


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From Brad Van Liew's Facebook page:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I need to let everyone know that Meaghan, the beloved mother of my children, has passed away. Meaghan, I want you to know that it was the hardest thing that I have ever done in telling our beautiful children that their mother has moved on. I then promised them love, safety and complete commitment until my dying breath. Rest in Peace knowing that our families are long and deep and not one of us will give up on your cherished Tate and Wyatt. Your life ended way too soon and all of us will miss you and think of you every day, especially Tate and Wyatt. I will make sure of it!

Memorial service and celebration of Meaghan’s life will be held at the Charleston Maritime Center (10 Wharfside St, Charleston, SC) on Sunday at 3pm.

Brad- No words suffice.. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. Fair winds and following seas to Meaghan. Peace for her soul and much love from all of in the Michaelsen house to you and the kids.
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Very sorry to hear of this tragedy. Will never forget celebrating the y2k new year with you guys until god knows what time in the morning.

My very best wishes,

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This is incredibly brutal. She was two years older than me and a great friend to our family. My thoughts go out mostly to Tait and Wyatt, two wonderful kids who grew up immersed in the business of yacht racing (and who Mer and I spent a week with every year after CRW), and to the lowcountry community who know quite well that without Meaghan, Charleston Race Week would probably still be a small regional regatta. There's much more, but right now I am just gutted.

I am writing a suitable obit for the front page.



My Wife and I met her and their kids back in 2010 during the build up for the V5O race. She was a very determined and driven woman. She displayed a focus to making sure her then husband would achieve his goal. My wife and I consider it a honor we got to meet her and hope she is sailing up there in following seas, plenty of sunshine and with the wind behind her. She has earned it.