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I didn’t have enough aggravation in my life so I decided to pick up golf. I’m 3 weeks in. Just shoot me now. On the up side I’m tied in with a great pro I really like working with. Been to the range hitting every day for that 3 weeks. I think I’m beginning to understand it......can’t hit it....but I understand it. I find it pretty complex physically.....a lot of shit to remember. I like that. I thought tennis was hard but this might be the most difficult sport I’ve taken up. 
good for you. I've been playing since I was 6-7.  The greatest golfer grandfather....taught me.(he didn't teach me as well as I should have or I didn;t listen to him well enough as I have a 15-18  handicap)  He was the greatest armature I ever saw.  was a scratch golfer until he got into his 70's at which point he always shot  higher than his age.... He was asked to be Ben Hogan's caddie back right after WWII but he had a family to feed and decided to be cop instead....



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I liked that old story about the middle-aged couple talking over dinner.

She says, "Darling, what would you do if I died?"
"Well, I'd be inconsolable, of course."
"But after a time, wouldn't you get over it?"
"Well, yes, I might"
"And would you get married again?"
"Of course not."
"Why, don't you like being married?"
"Well of course I do.  But it would take some time."
"And would she come and live in our house?"
"Well, yes, I expect she would."
Wife is getting a bit wound up now.
"And would she sleep in our bed?"
"Well yes, I think she would."
Wife is really incensed now.
"And would she play with my clubs?"
"Of course not, dear. She's left-handed."



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Meh = lousy golfer 

1. Wild nymphomaniac sex

2. Getting spit out of a stand up tube ride.

3. 300 yard drive fading around a dogleg right. 



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Every Hole??? Thats a lot of beer.............and I almost never take myself seriously at could I???!! I know me.
You do know that many courses have a cute young girl driving a cart with a huge cooler full of different beers.  After the first few, you will think you are playing better, be screaming "WHERE'S THE BEER BITCH," and throwing the empties at other golfers.  Every hole is on the low end.  



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Screw the cart bar just bring a cooler with water on top and beer on the bottom i do it all the time also bring some mt gay and tonic it's easy to hide.But be on the look out for the range Nazi.



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Had dinner with a guy who grew up with a family owned private 18 hole golf course.  Asked him what his handicap was and he said 1.82. At first I thought it was a totally different handicap system to the one I know. Then he explained that you go to decimals below a 2 handicap. Who knew?

I used to work with a former golf caddy who had a high school education and went on to become one of the most successful FX salesmen on Wall Street with a Ferrari by age 26. Great guy and got invited to all the high profile corporate golf outings b/c he played better than anyone on the trading floor. Golf got him the job on Wall Street and golf helped him rocket to success. Hard work helped. 



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Watching the Masters? I really enjoy watching each year, I’ll be flying most on the weekend but should get home to see the finish on Sunday evening. Tiger had a good round today, the weather will be brutal for the final 18 holes. 

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