....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...


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......coming down the pipeline..an OD foiler,, simpler,more robust than moths,,,a good answer to the crazy quiver that'$ nece$$ary to compete in moth$ now.....


JF: Talking about future development, you mentioned a while ago that you've got a new project in the can with the Waszp (one-design, one person foiling monohull), tell us a little bit more about that?

AM: We've got the plug made and I think they're pulling the mould off that this week. All the aluminium dies are about 20 days off, once we get them we'll be able to do all the injection moulding because there's a little bit of tolerance in that and we want to make sure that they'll fit. There's a bit of work to do on the rig but we're looking at having a boat available in about 2 months. That's the plan and obviously there will be a few little teething things.

JF: Could you tell us what the Waszp is all about?

AM: As far as sailing it's going to be very similar to a Moth, we don't ride tricycles for a very good reason, you don't fall over on a tricycle but they're not right really, and I think that's the same with trying to making something too stable, it's not right for what we're doing. We need to heel the thing to windward, we need a narrow hull to be able to get up and foil and the scale of a Moth is pretty good, even for a kid, as long as you get the foil size right and the sail size right, so what we've done is actually make it so that it's actually more tolerant to a heavy guy than the Mach2 is, it's got a slightly higher volume hull. The Waszp is really the answer to all those kids' fathers who come up to me on the beach and say, "I'd really like to get one for my son but..." and there's all the buts; the cost, the launching, the danger, the not having a mode for learning, which this one does, and the one-design factor. The Moth is always going to be a development class, and it's going to be fun because of that, but it's not everyone's cup of tea, particularly for a kid who's just starting out where you've got to tinker or you won't go fast. So the foils are out of the box, you can't do anything with them, they're aluminium, the tips are moulded so everything is out of the box - you go sailing, you go racing and have really as much fun as you're going to have on a Moth. You're not going to do 30 knots, or 35 that supposedly we've done, but you are going to do 23-24 knots fairly easily and you're going to get up (foiling) in about the same wind speed as a Moth does.

JF: So almost like a perfect feeder class really?

AM: Well there's going to be 3 rigs and there's going to be 3 foil configurations and that's just simply having different length foils as they're all having the same aluminium extrusion, and it'll be very easy to fine-tune that over the first year of working on what is the perfect foil size for various weights. So it'll actually cross a much bigger range of weights than the Moth class does. The biggest sail will be 8 square metres, we could do a bigger sail, we're building everything strong enough so it'll take a 100kg person and it will work for a 50kg person, or even a 40kg person. Perfect feeder, yes - I think that so many people are put off by some of those factors I just talked about with the Moth and I've put far more effort into designing this than the Mach2 because there are so many restrictions; you're trying to get it light, you're trying to get it cheap, you're trying to get it so it's easy, you're trying to get it so it's fast, all these different things and I think I've thrown out the basic design about 4 times and just started again saying "no, that really doesn't work". So yes, it's been nearly 5 years of design time.


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Are you going to have to hike the same as a moth...

It can't be that hard to mould into it a small ice-box, and under the nose a spot for your doritos!


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DATS WHAT I WONDERED! And now that DC's are down to 27kg, how long before one foils?!

The real question is: will it be the long anticipated "Peoples Foiler"?!
I'm still surprised the laser foiling kit didn't take off. Even more surprised someone else didn't copy it & sell it for half the price.
Um, canoes still weigh 50 kg. The lightest ones are 48kg and that's with some ballsy design choices and a pile of costly material. That said, making one fly would be easy, but expensive. I've got a suit of big old 2008 vintage moth foils that I'm pretty sure would fly Dance Commander or Machete in the right conditions. But what would I be proving?

SCANAS is right, cost is the real barrier to be cracked in sailing while simultaneously maintaining performance. In that regard the Waszp is pretty perfect. Brand new (12 grand?), it will cost $2000 more than a lightly used racehorse (I made an actual price comparison on this. Healthy young race horses are actually cheaper). As a used OD, though, it will ultimately drop into the same price range as a new Laser. That's the real victory. There's a real correlation at least in the US between a shrinking middle class and a shrinking sailing community. To bring in good numbers of new people, instead of poaching off of other existing fleets, costs need to fall dramatically. Personally, I think the answer is in kit-building since you realize your cost savings in labor rather than quality, but that's just me flirting with the idea of making a moth kit. So long as the boat that you MUST have in order to be within striking distance of gold costs the same as a brand new Subaru Impretza, the base of people that can be conceivably drawn into that fleet will be constricted. Nobody can really change that with the moth class, so building an OD feeder class is the next best move.




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If a IC / AC / DC whatever it is was made to foil. Would it, being a development class develop into something that looked like a moth ?



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......cost is the real barrier to be cracked in sailing while simultaneously maintaining performance. In that regard the Waszp is pretty perfect. Brand new (12 grand?), it will cost $2000 more than a lightly used racehorse (I made an actual price comparison on this. Healthy young race horses are actually cheaper).

...I'm not sure if the comparison to racehorse pricing holds water,so to speak.....I've never seen a boat increase in value for it's ability to sire new steed! :rolleyes: :lol:



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What do we know about the Waszp so far?


A set of foils and rigs

Aluminum foils

Glas construction (Mr.Clean during the live show.)

Roughly half the price of a Mach2

Roughly twice the weight of a Mach2

More robust than a Moth.

There is speculation that it will measure as a moth. Which should be nice even if it's mightily uncompetitive.

Anything else? Or different information?



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I don't want one, just wondered about it. I have sailed,(attempted to sail), a moth three times. Know how hard it is, but I'd still like to have a set of foils for my laser just for fun, just not at that crazy price.

And I still want a sail on a DC!



not trying to hijack wasp thread, but wouldn't the laser foling kit to be more suited to the aero given the hull weight of 30 kgs or so. ?


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