Grand Traverse YC Burns

The Grand Traverse Yacht Club of Traverse City, MI burned last night in a fire which, according to news reports, started around 11:30. The same news reports claimed the fire caused a total loss to the structure.

More news to follow.

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Just got back from the fire site... Building is a complete loss... Roof collapsed.... Interesting enough, looks like fire started in the bar or kitchen area... Too bad, I just paid my dues last night!

Actually the yacht club did not burn, just their building did. Clubs are not about structures, they're about members and fun !

Very true -- GTYC is a vibrant club with a proud and enthusiastic membership. I'm quite sure that the full calender of events will continue -- just means that the parties will be on the lawn!!

Sad to lose the old club structure -- formerly part of a sewing machine factory from the 40s, but I'm sure plans are already under way for the physical resurrection of the club facility.

Photos from the morning after:

Club Front:


Club Entrance:



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