GT 300 Little race going on in Tejas.


The Worrell has been done for a few years and the Tybee did not run this year and who knows what the future holds.


eric e

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was all going well

until that last wave...

as surf-meister jake says

Don't look at the calm spots between wave sets as runway to get further offshore (which feels like a very natural thing to do).

Some waves you simply cannot beat and they must be avoided!!!

Waves do not go forever along the shoreline and are usually not that wide.

Use the calm spots between wave sets as lateral running room to get positioned at, or beyond, the end of the next set.

It's OK to run side to side in those flat spots reaching if you have to - don't be so focused on desperately trying to get beyond the break.

Be focused on avoiding the sets. Be looking ahead one to two wave sets ahead not for "how badly you're going to get hammered" but for where they start and end.

You can bob and weave and MAKE your own destiny!

Reach for the end of the set and you will gain your offshore distance as you easily bounce through the mild stuff.

This is how some of the greats make big surf launching look easy.


When KB drove past them on the way out mast was two parts, main was shredded.

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