Gulf Coast Dinghy Racing


If you are interested. I have a fleet of Rhodes 19's I need to unload very soon.  the prices will be stupid low.  lol


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I think I am going to buy an old Laser or Sunfish to sail until I can find a Raider. The itch to be on the water is strong.
Sorry for taking a while to respond but was at the finn world masters in denmark for the last couple of weeks and was not checking SA. The most active one design fleet in the  area is the finns at Buccaneer yacht club. By active, I mean sailing every week and hosting national events and having our sailors travel a lot. We had two people at the worlds in denmark, pretty good for a small, all volunteer club. Don't know how old you are, but we have finn sailors from 18 to 78 with most of us over 50. Feel free to pm me for more info.