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Myrtle Beach,
Possibly interested in a 2018 Monhegan Race charter: 

30' range non-spinnaker suitable for double handing would be ideal.

Will be short on time, flying in from West coast so prefer to pickup/deliver in Portland/Falmouth +/- 50 miles to best enjoy the weekend.

Alternatively two berths for self and son would be fun, we used to race Lioness '04-06 and did well there. 

Monhegan Race 2020 is full of changes! Longer 142 mile course; Boon Island is new southern mark; mark near Monhegan is new; long course starts Friday @4 pm. Seguin course and Saturday start time as before; seminar Wednesday night; partieS throughout the weekend! Something for everyone! See for more info. The notice of race will be on line shortly. 



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Who's still on here from the fleet???  Tentative race schedule pending we have a season?

I'm shooting to do about half of the Thursdays at PYC, Interclub, Downeast Challenge, Bluewater, and AIR with the new/old boat.



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One of our own is in a fight for his life right now. If you've ever seen the stern of Buzz in the Gulf of Maine (and we all have) or had the honor of sailing with him, the Captain is in a bit of a jam right now. Thoughts, prayers and good vibes sent expeditiously to one of the good guys in sailing.