Gunboat 40-45

Full info next week


you can call it "Thor"

one big head and nice shower.. one small head on the other side. ( outside shower with warm water ) I want all the doors and hatches open on my side to get enough airflow, but dont like guests to stumble all over the place to find the master bathroom in the middle of the night.

Hope to see you in Annapolis next week.



On one hand we could wait for next week.

On the other we could look at the picture. Is it me or do I really see open bridge deck with hard canopy/roof like they had on the second Sig 45 (the one made in So Cal)?

If this is some kind of removable wall structure (like the GB 55 deck open aft) I think it's pretty cool.

Full info next week


I will bet not fully boiling, however I would not be surprised to see "lift assist" type of underwater foils. Picture looks like a rotating mast with aero shape. Can't wait to see this. Gunboat venturing out of the world cruiser markets into the performance short cruise market. Something sig has shown to be at very least interesting



Looks very sweet good too see something that's not the usual. Well done GB, looking forward to seeing how well she sails and real info on her angles and speeds... looks like she has all the ingredients for speed!


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Looks great. Curious to see some of the systems, namely the privacy curtain, retracting t-foil rudder system and range without the genset. Also wonder if she's tough enough to make it across to the med the long way round on her own bottom?



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Disappointing actually...

This isn't for the 'common man'. Well, of course, no Gunboat really is, but I'm not talking about the moolah. The owner of one of these is going to have to be a very experienced multihull sailor, or have a very experienced sailing master / boat boy to help sail it. It'll be fast-- no doubt about that. It looks like the power to weight ratio will be even more than previous Gunboats. Tragically, I expect we'll see a picture of it inverted sooner rather than later.

Perhaps there's also a 'common man' rig too. For the money, it's a very expensive camp cruiser/racer. I'll say $750,00 base with options up to and over 7 figgers. I actually really like the accommodations ideas-- low profile, probably head(s) in the hull(s). But it would have to be sub $300k for me to even consider that-- I'm still subject to an Admiral's veto. This one is for someone who doesn't have that issue.

Nice way to shift the paradigm though! Very French, too.


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