Gunboat 40-45


Very sporty. I miss the foreword helm w/ a wheel, nav, controls, etc. probably too sporty for the misus.

I love it but I love the AC72s too.

Can you get one with rod holders?



SF no more
hey mr slf 33 can you tell all about the foresail in that above pic? furler? code 0?
The SL33 came with a rather skimpy reacher/code 0 which is great for going upwind in <5kn or downwind in >22kn.

For the benign conditions on SF bay B) I upgraded to this much bigger sail, it's a second hand from a Ventilo M2 from Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

It furls and is designed to carry a ton or two of forestay load. Luckily the SL33 spine (and mast) supports this.

The M2 is a bit smaller, so for them this sail goes fully from mast top, to bow sprit, to stern....


Absolutely wonderful sail by Voiles Gautier! They sure know how to make light multis go fast.



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