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solosailor said:
Former ORMA 60 racing tri updated with some cruising ameneties
Paradox was build new based on ORMA tris but isn't or was it one.

Based on the hull moulds of the ORMA 60 racing trimaran FUFICOLOR, the 19.15m (63ft) PARADOX is the ultimate high performance cruiser racer built for an owner who just likes to sail fast. Launched in 2010, PARADOX has a significantly shorter rotating wing mast and 3.6m (12ft) narrower beam than an ORMA 60 making it less powerful and easier to sail short-handed with a non-professional crew. PARADOX has a fully functioning cruising interior with plenty of space and headroom and the Irens design team have incorporated essential cruising solutions like the neat stowaway articulating anchor arm and the tender garage. PARADOX took line honour in the 2013 RORC Caribbean 600 at an average speed of 15 knots.



That cast left me bored after about 30 sec. Cut to the chase. Everything foiling in three year? Get real. The boat looks great, but lets let the hyperbole go.


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For lift off TWS, depends on the weight on board. If you are light (empty water tank, couple of rounds only, 5 up, no 700lb sailfish in the cockpit) I have told the team the boat will get up in 14 knots of TWS, and stay up even if it lulls to 12. Reaching angles of course.

As far as sailing in non foiling mode, the boat is damned quick too. No you cannot shut off the wetted surface, but you can neutralize the induced drag with rake control. In 10 knots of TWS, expect to be sailing upwind with boatspeeds 12-13 knots, VMG is not quite 8. Crack off, hoist the reacher and you sail 16-17 knots pretty easily, that is 1.7 times windspeed. Downwind VMG in 10 kn TWS is also 10 kn, sailing 15 knots to do it.

Just got a nice message from Mischa on board: "It is amazing. It handles so easy and every person on the boat feels instantly safe while cruising at 30kn."
Thanks for the feedback on required wind for flight.

Have they done any "heavy" flying yet? 4 or more adults with a reasonable cruising load aboard? (Water, galley module, people and their stuff, maybe a bit of sushi but not 700 lbs.) Do you expect that will change the TWS required for flight by a couple of knots? 5 knots?



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They can race in the Caribbean circuit like they will next week against a reasonable fleet in St Barts. I wonder if they will do the Caribbean 600? I think that might be pushing the limits, but doable.

Besides the G4, Les Voiles de St Barths Entry list includes:

Phaedo 3 (the Mod 70 rated much faster than the G4)

Paradox (Former ORMA 60 racing tri updated with some cruising ameneties =-rated a bit faster than the G4),

A GC 32 (not yet rated on the site. I would think this boat would be even more handful in moderate seas)

Elvis (Gunboat 62)

Toccata (Gunboat 55)

Wonder how they came up with the rating for the G4? CSA was based on Texel so maybe Texel has already thought to include foilers? Or some one took a wild ass guess? It is forecast to be 14-20 with lots of point to point, around the island racing. If there are long legs at the right angles, they could do very well. Forecast is for 15-20 (mostly on the lower end of that). I'll be watching them from behind.
Mostly, I consider those to be "fun" races rather than "serious" races - serious being the term used by the poster to whom I was replying
If you look at the scratch sheets for most Caribbean events you mostly see a collection of pretty widely varying boats racing against each other in divisions that no handicap or rating rule can possibly accommodate.

i know they have had gunboat divisions at some events, and if understand correctly they have their own rating system - it probably works pretty well

But the G4 will pretty seriously challenge any possible rating rule - it will be a hell of a lot of fun to sail though

I am much more sceptical about rating and handicap systems in general than most sailors - so I appreciate that my view of this probably isn't shared

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as far as I am concerned the boat is already medium heavy. 7 up in all pictures I have seen though they are righting moment to be sure. Ok no race gear and water on board. The kitchen unit is on board in every shot I have seen. Tank is unknown but they filled it for the rating measurement. Sure Mischa emptied again.

I have not calculated but I would say take off boat speed vary by less than 1.5 knot each 500 kg in the area of interest. Roughly speaking that can translate also to 1 to 2 knots wind speed as well, though transom immersion is not exactly a linear factor. Not a 5 knot tws variation in a quick check.

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does the link not work? open on desktop/not mobile version and theres an embedded video of the G4 foiling
I think what we all want to see is a few ~15-30 second shots from the helicopter of the boat foiling - To give us a sense how the boat goes
I was not expecting to see it against other boats at this early stage- that's asking too much

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I was not expecting to see it against other boats at this early stage- that's asking too much


Formula 1 teams routinely have friendly races against cars from other manufacturers to help sort specifics against known benchmark rides.
Their just learning the new boat at this time.

Once they have learned the new design, I'm sure they will be happy to give it a go.

One step at at time.


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Sensational effort from the design and build team, you dared to go beyond the 'what if and the 'could we?'........

Trickle down has just dribbled down the front of my shirt!



Soma In the lighter conditions do you really think Pheado would have it over a GC32??

soma said:
I'm dead impressed with the G4. No reason to doubt it, PJ and Mischa and Ben are all geniuses, but nevertheless its a helluva an accomplishment. Well done. I expect orders dr the G4 to come in quickly now.

That's a great fleet for Les Voiles. Not many events field a better class. I wish I could be there. i wouldn't read too much into corrected performance, it's all about on the water performances (or above the water, whatever the case may be).

Finish order predictions for Les Voiles:






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