Hartford Connecticut?


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The thread drift in this thread is phenomenal. Veered into 3 different conversations in only less then 30 posts.

And to join in I prefer Beefeaters over all, Modern aPizza is good but I wasn’t overly impressed, and Ed needs to get cracking on that book.
Born and raised in Connecticut. Lived in the same house for 39 years, as my parents couldn't get rid of me. They sold it to me and moved south. I left some 17 years ago. Not sure I could go back. I do miss the roads and hills, plus access to good skiing. Not enough to move back.


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@Ed Lada - copresste schedulle and alle thet, youre writteng moeste the daye annywaye....... :)

Thacks foire the supportte CB! We thickeng a pizza parlore crawlle to determine the bestest. Interestted?
If we hold that pizza parlor crawl in Detroit I’m in. Buddy’s, shields, Louie’s, and cloverleaf to determine the best Detroit style.


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Suwanee River
NOBODY can drive on ice. I don't care if you were raised in Norway, or Alaska, Or Antarctia..... Unless you have 2" spikes on your tires you can not drive on ice, and then, if you have spikes, you can't drive on any other surface.


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So, theires prizes in theire?

Licke; "I gotta 64 Galaxey lefte fronte blicker lense in my slice!"


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Cincinnati, OH
@Speng - ourrent you gladde that youre moove to Hartford generatted so muche excitemente on SA?
Mate, I'm very familiar with thread drift on SA...
From what I've read here and other places it seems like West Hartford might be the go. I've been able to find some likely spots for other activities I'm interested in so I shouldn't be bored. I'm not commuting 45 minutes from New Haven etc (plus I've dated enough chicks with PhDs to know they're not better/worse than chicks without one). I can easily drive 1-2 hrs to go sailing on the w/e.

There's a lot of good gin from the KY distilleries when they've got more white likker than oak barrels to make bourbon with. As long as there's something appropriate to mix it with they're generally all good.