Has Anybody Ever Named Their Car/SUV/Truck?


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After decades of owning every type of transportation on 2 and 4 wheels, my recent purchase has me compelled for the first time to name it. Thought it might be weird, until I came across a survey that claims 8 out of 10 people name their vehicles. If this is true, what do you drive and what did you name it?


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Had an El Camino on a wagoneer chassis with a Buick motor I bought from a friend at an auto body shop I used for work in college. It was already named BuFord and I continued to call it that


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My daughters call my Expedition “The Couch”, they say it’s like driving the living room around from a comfy couch. Kinda is actually.


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My Black IS 250 (used to be my wife's, but a year ago headon in my Tacoma totaled it and almost me) is "Blackie". My wife's RX 350 is "Queenie", and my 66 VW bus I have had for 48 years is unnamed.


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I had a VW Rabbit GTI (Before they just called it GTI) And the tag I got was MEEP76.
I called the car "Meep".
I sold my GTI when I got the Honda CRX Si. Seemed like a nice guy, so I let him drive it home with the plates on, with the understanding that when he registered it, he would turn my plates in.
Nice guy that he was, he turned my plates in.
2 years later I got a visit from the State police, and the police dept. from about 4 towns over.
Not a polite visit. A 6 car screeching into the driveway with lights flashing visit.
Seems my old car had never been re-registered, and was used in an armed bank robbery and left running on the side of I-95 pointing my direction.
It took a little conversation, and a luckily un thrown away DMV paper, and a visit to the police station for a line up behind a (not so much) 1 way window to determine that I wasn't the bad guy.
I asked if I could get the car back. I got some very scary looks from very big cops, and didn't ask again.

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Generically they are all called the "rolling wreak". The ones painted black are called "the black Mariah".

The de Ville's are known mostly as the "Rallye de Ville".




My first car was a Suzuki Vitara (Sidekick in north America), it had depictions of wolves on the side, so I called it Wolfie. Which was also the Nick Name of Mozart.

My second car was a Mercedes 220CDI Combi, I called her 'Black Betty'.

The car after that was a VW golf that my wife called 'Peanut' after the Jeff Dunham show character.

Then I had a car for just a few months that was so sad (Dodge Caliber) that I called her 'Dorothy'.

In 2015 I moved to Alaska, no road system to speak of and got myself a 4-runner without shocks, it was bobbing on the road like it was stoned as hell. So obviously I called it 'Marley'.
That one died within months, found another one and called it 'Damian' after Bob Marley's son.
When that one died I got a 1984 Toyota Landcruiser. That is such an incredible car to drive, you feel like you're in a tank, so I call it 'Mr T'. (Tank, Toyota, the A-team, fill it in..) I still have that car and when I have time in a few years from now it will need a full restauration, and while I'm at it I will make it electric.

My current car is a Nissan Leaf. It has so many bells, whistles, lights and start-up tunes that we call it 'the Spaceship'.

As for naming of objects, my wife calls 'my' boat 'the Mistress' as that is where all time and money goes to. The RIB is called 'ding bat' and the inflatable (14 ft) is 'Simba'. Autoplot #1 is 'Mowgli', autopilot #2 is 'Jane' and Autopilot #3 is 'Angela'. The boat is divided in sections and they have their own names as well. Under the salon table is called 'Antarctica' because it is always cold there when the water is cold. The aft cabin is called 'Africa' because one of the duvet covers has an ancient map of Africa depicted on it. The passage to get there was once flooded with some water due to an overflowing valve, so that is called the 'strait of Gibraltar', making the pantry that is there the 'Monkey Rock'.

Anyway, everything has a name and you'd be utterly confused if you spend some time with us :ROFLMAO:


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My first car was a Buick Land Yacht Coupe. It squashed a bug and a delta 88: as well as dented up a friend’s stang I backed into (he forgave me since the repaired areas had less orange peel then the rest of the car). I called it Battering Ram. I was proof teenagers shouldn’t be allowed cars.


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Only all of them...
1972 Dodge Tradesman Van- Osmo
1969 Saab 96- The Snail, or Snaily as she called it.
1978 Jeep J-10 PU- Rex the Wonder Jeep
1984 Toyota Tercel Wagon- Tricia Toyota
1988 Subaru Justy- Moanah
1992 Isuzu Rodeo- Can't remember, it was a terrible car!
1998 Toyota RAV 4- Harman RAV
1990 Chevy PU- Hank
2008 Hyundai Vera Cruz- Attilla the Hyundai
2013 Honda Ridgeline- R2, iow Rex 2
2021 KIA Telly- Sally Telluride

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