Hearing FM even with no tuner...

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Odd that FM decodes. AM is far more likely to interfere.
But no static, that's a plus.

I have this on a 45rpm 12" LP that was sent to radio stations as a single. Was never on an album I don't think until some remastered CD's came out with Greatest Hits. Fagen and Becker were some of the few artists who went back in the studio to remaster their albums for CD direct to digital. Really hit and miss during the 80's rush to CD. Some really good music was poorly transferred. Its why the original vinyl releases many times sound better then digital copies, especially the early CD's.


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I used to get CB transmissions from a local trucking co through my planer. I figured it was the massive copper windings in the motor, but that still didn't explain how something w/o a speaker could "Broadcast".... And it was clear and distinct. Only ever happened fairly early in the morning though, like 7:30-8AM.


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