Help me out with some MORC History

Late 60's : Pearsons, Morgans, Tartan 27.  It seems like in the late 60's everything under 30' was a MORC contender, but none were designed explicitly to the rule.

Early '70's : Cal 25 or Cal 27. Neither qualifies as brick shithouse.  Morgan 27, C&C25, C&C 27, are a bit sturdier built.  This is when you started seeing custom designed MORC typeforms.

Late '70's really started the production MORC typeform.  Lindenberg 26, Soveral 26, then later the Merit 25, Evelyns, S2-7.9 and 9.1.  Many other sub-30' in this timeframe sailed MORC but weren't designed explicitly to the rule, such as any J-boat, Kirby, Capri, or anything remotely ULDB. MORC hated ultralights.

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Oh've just rebooted the cycle. 

Below is the OP's actual clarification rather than your interpretation of such.  Does it really sound like he wants anything but a MacGregor?
Oh Gawd, you're right.  Check entry #21 and consider.  When "helping" people make choices, understanding their underlying motivations can help.  

So, in query, the goal is to establish the priority, is it no creaking high maintenance fiberglass, or purely the early MORC enthusiasm.  If his answer, not your answer, is the former then the possible market of boats expands, if the latter, then the search narrows. Either way,  I'm glad to hear about the Yankee Dolphin, my only experience with full keelers in MORC was sailing against an Ensign on Tampa Bay in the 70's.  Good all around and periodically competitive.   


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I don't think this is a MORC boat, but the size and price seems good for a boat that might be fun to sail.
i raced a santana 23, for 14 years. both in morc and phrf. 

we did ok in both. not great. very tender boat, needs bodies on the rail.
I was told that the Santana 23D (the original one) was designed to the MORC rule; at the time I was lusting for a classic (meaning mid '70s era) 1/4 Tonner and it has that look although it's much faster than one of those.

This looks like a pretty good deal, meaning that it probably needs some new rigging and new sails. That antifoul bottom also looks rough as a cob, these are wicked weapons in light air but not with that surface. Also, they really need deck work, the decks were plywood and are time bombs long overdue.

Fun to sail though, and surprisingly comfortable. I didn't find it "tender" at all, mine barely noticed when you stepped onto it from the dock. IMHO the worst thing is the time-bomb deck, then in usage trying to trailer one around. Easy to trailer, launch, etc, but heaving the mast up takes a good bit of grunt and careful work.

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More of a IOR Quarter Tonner but I would love to resurrect a North Star 500, super cool vintage ride. Great post, everyone thinking a little outside the box. Cheers!



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More of a IOR Quarter Tonner but I would love to resurrect a North Star 500, super cool vintage ride. Great post, everyone thinking a little outside the box. Cheers!
Not More Of, it was a Quarter Pounder.

I always liked them too - mini Tartan 41's.

Atomic Bomb on a V-Drive - good luck adjusting the stuffing box.

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Tartan 27 would actually be my choice if I I had to stick with 24-27' LOA


Tartan 30...


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Well, since the time frame of the Post has been expanded, 

we can go with later MORC boats, right? 

I am really, really biased, but there is a reason why the [email protected] 7.9 is known at the boat that blew up MORC. 

There are some that need work for $5-10 K 

As with any boat you want to race, it is the sails that will set you back the most $ 




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Cool thread! When we lived in WI we had our boat at High Cliff for a few years. I would definitely second the Dolphin, Ariel and Tartan 27 as good choices. You also might look for a Pearson Triton or Commander, Coronado 25, Bristol 27, Hinterhoeller (or HR) 25, Morgan 26 and the Oday Outlaw 26. The Hinterhoeller seems like a neat little boat, and it looks like there is one for sale over in MI.


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