Hen sails around the world; dies.


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I had a rough day at work today, my brain was totally fried from staying out too late last night, so I forgot my charging cable, so I tried to poach one from my coworker but he was a complete Benedict Arnold about it, so when he was on break I scrambled his desk drawer, you should have seen the whites of his eyes when he got back, but he wont do anything about it cause I'm totally yoked dude.
What the cluck was all that about???


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What the cluck was all that about???
I know, I know, sometimes I can come across as a little hard boiled, when I get this way my wife will start humming the tune to "Keep on the sunny side of life." But this guy comes to work completely fried, I mean he sits in his car and gets totally baked. Plus, he's very annoying, I mean at the company bar b que, he put parmesan on everything. Well, it's lunch time, I'm going to chill out with a cup of soup...ya, you guessed it, chicken noodle


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Dunno about y'all felt his recollection was all a bit scrambled. A right omelet of an epitaph if you ask me.

Can't believe that hasn't come up yet.


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At the post Voyage VIP dock party, the audience was held in rapt attention as the skipper indulged them with a harrowing tale of a storm at sea during which an accidental jibe led to the boom striking him, causing a lump on his head "the size of a scotch egg"


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shithole countries
scotch egg
There's gotta be a chicken joke in there somewhere. Screenshot_20230329-161013~2.png

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