Henderson SR27 Hull #7

Sooke, BC
Thinking about acquiring the above boat for some local PHRF racing. Anyone have any background info on this particular one? I think it was called Ghost Rider at one point when it was in the Okanagon, seen an old blogspot site from 2009/2010 but nothing since. Known to be soaked core, keel problems etc - any information is welcome. Thanks in advance.



Love this boat....been eyeing it since it was in the okanagan.....

i currently live about two minutes from it, and must not let temptation get the best of me.



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I own the boat in Buffalo, #8. It was on land last year as I also have a Soverel 33. Can't sail both. I did put the SR in this year and love it. Just finished a 26 mile race on Erie with it finishing 2ND. I just purchased a new boat, a J 109 and am now selling both my SR27 and Soverel 33. I love both those boats, but have my Captains license and want to do charters. The J 109 will allow me to do that, while still having a fast race boat. View attachment HENDERSON SR 27 FOR SALE.pdf