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And reports today are the run off is a dead beat.
Werewolf Vs. Vampire?
I can see the issue in Georgia. The white majority is having to choose between two black men (BAD). One of whom is a Christian minister, and one of whom is a former football player...... Both guys are black (Bad) both guys have bona-fide credentials, (BAD!)One guy is supported by the loser guy (GOOD!) The other guy is supported by a black fake president who was born in Kenya and probably has Muslim relatives (VERY BAD!) The voting districts that are majority black have been altered to limit voting (GOOD!) the white majority voting districts have low voter turn out (BAD!)....
How do the rest of us see this turning out?
Speaking only for myself.... (VERY BAD!)

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There is nothing quite like a veteran who can't live without guns. 12 veterans die each day by guns and veterans will not get behind a law to control it.
I hunch if the armed services did a much better job of separating potential shooters from truck drivers and office personnel in boot camp those numbers would be reduced. IIRC it takes 7 or 8 people to support one infantry person. Let's determine who's who before the fact for a change.


I heard it was 22 veterans die by suicide each day.

And, people on Facebook are taking serious action by doing 22 pushups each day to "raise awareness".
The 22 number is much worse, the 12 I mentioned are soldiers who take their lives by gun. In fact, the numbers are nearer to 2.4 times worse.

A study released in 2022 found that as many as 44 veterans die on average per day from suicide when accounting overlooked causes of death that are aligned with suicidal and self harm behavior, which is 2.4 times greater than the official estimate.

United States military veteran suicide - Wikipedia​



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Maybe pass a law or something against mentally ill buying weapons?

Whose life is it, anyway? Serious question.
Why don't you ask the same question of the 15 y/o girl who got raped by her father and is now forced to carry her own sibling in to this wonderful world?

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