High Sierra Regatta / Huntington Lake FIRE


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Nothing to do with the regatta but some may relate to the title to know the location.

For those who have attended or know of the area, Huntington Lake, both shores are currently in the burn area of the Creek Fire.

Latest update this morning. Beautiful area, much will change.

Creek 1.jpg



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Not to worry Snags, ED never gets past his crack dealer in Fresno before he runs for home.



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A friend's family had a 99 year lease on a cabin at Huntington Lake. We went there a couple of times with them. A lovely lake. I learned to sail in small catamarans there.  I also had a Saab that cracked an oil cooler up there and had to improvise a field repair with JB Weld and a 100W light bulb to nurse a cure over a sub-freezing night. I also fell in love with my now-wife on one of those trips. Lots of memories...