History request - boat maybe "Spirit of the North" - Port Hamble Yard around 1993?

I seem to remember about 1993/4 ish there was a large Beneteau hull in Hamble Yacht Services yard at Port Hamble. It had a huge gaping hole in it and no keel or rig. I think the hull was upside down.

I think the boat was called "Spirit of the North", or "Star of the North". I think it was a Beneteau First 45f5 or 53f5.

The Port Hamble office said that a guy bought it, sailed it to Cherbourg for the first time and wrecked it on the breakwater. The insurers then retrieved the hull.

This could be a made up story as I'm not sure the insurers would ship the wreckage back from France?

Does anyone know what happened?

Just idle curiosity during lockdown/WorkFromHome period!




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Known locally as "Cum of the North" becuase of its Sperm shaped Ghost Logo......



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