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Merry christmas to you too LB 15, but isn't that somewhat early?
S2H 2021 hasn't even finished right now.

I liked the chaos aboard Scallywag adventure.
They ripped their innner forestay out of the deck, costed a lot of time to fix and still they are in the race.
Great theater on christmas morning.
Law Connect and Black Jack are close racing, Scallywag still making progress.


LB 15

random. said:
Cut LB some space,  He's posting after a very big day, so am I. 

You are getting Christmas second-hand, it's been done here already, enjoy it though.
We had another Xmas lunch today for the other side of the family. I recon I drank 4 bottles of Champagne by myself. Just got the child bride into bed and she said I am a cunt for letting her drink so much. I wonder if poofs have this much drama in there lives. Great day in the cricket. I am almost starting to feel sorry for the Poms.

Almost I said.



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Hamble / Paris
The French seem to be upset about one person pissing off the back of Ichi Bahn. Clearly they've nothing better to do at Christmas at Voiles et Voiliers

V et V


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