Hobie 33 anyone?

For something a little different, here are some photos of a Hobie 33 offshore racing in the 2005 Bermuda 1-2. The first one is about 1/3 of the way to Bermuda on the single handed leg from Newport. The second one is a little more embarrassing - I'm up the mast retrieving the spin halyard just after the start of the double-handed return leg in Bermuda. We'd lost it in some pre-start manoeuvring in St Georges harbour. There were two Hobie 33's in the race that year, though the other one lost it's mast on the return leg from Bermuda to Newport, but still ended up safely in New Jersey under a jury rig.

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BillDBastard said:
The boat in the test crash video live on Long Island Sound. Was owned by a guy who used to post here named Eric. Eric was an engineer who worked with Hobie Alter to ensure the specs of the bot were up to snuff. 

IIRC Eric is now off sailing around the world. Something he truly deserves.
obviously doing it the right way if we haven't heard from him !!



There was a Hobie 33 that was optimised for the Caribbean Yachting Association rule, (some say the other way around since the owner was a lawyer and CYA measurer...) that cleaned up for years. SYNDICATE was its name, I'll see what I can dig up.

Here is a start


That was one fun event!