Hobot has COVID 19

Ed Lada

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Welcome back Hobot, it's great that you're on the road to recovery.  Take it one step at a time, one foot in front of the the other.  My favorite aphorism for getting through the tough times is "You don't have to like it, you just have to do it."

Now that the niceties are over I just want to tell you that you better not do that again!  If you needed a break from the picture thread, you could have just politely told us and had your little rest.  But no, you had to go full blown drama and scare the shit out of us!  Don't you dare ever pull another stunt like that or you will incur the wrath of a bunch of angry anarchists.  You got that?  Good, now just keep working on getting better dammit.

And greetings to your lovely lady.  


Black Sox

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Dublin, Ireland
@hobot It’s so good to see you back here.

Along the lines of what @Ed Lada said above, concentrate only and exclusively on “The six inches in front of your face”.

What you’re facing now is akin to eating an elephant; seems impossible but it’s just one bite at a time.

Mind yourself, and those around you. 



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I owe some likes above, but ran out for the previous 24 hr period late last night.


White Lightning2

Randorm said:
Could I have some of yours please?
Fuk, What's your address. I'll take up a collection!! 

You are the first person I ever blocked on this site. After my account got nuked in one of Scott's "upgrades", I left everyone unblocked. That was a mistake.

Back onto ignore you go



Charlie Foxtrot

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I have so much to say to all of you that and so much for Hope and I, My heart has been touched and this all has been a very humbling time and i will find a better way in the future too express how I feel.

Still having hard time drinking...

The new rehab place I'm in is very focused on getting me up and running.


Well be back as soon as I'm home in a couple of weeks.

Gawd Damn. I’m not a sentimental man... but the pollen got thick in here.  

Welcome back, Hobot. 



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I haven't been here for a while. Hobot, I have another bow that needs you




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And! this boat has lifelines for the rehabing. You'll love it. Peterson 1/2 tonner. we went upwind averaging 5.5 last Thursday. wind was 25 gusts to 35. She had her ears about 8" unser water and still trucking. It's no 6mR  but it is a Peterson! I'll never forget you actually running up the deck of Sockeye from stern to stem inside the genoa. you can trim main if you want to for a while. We won't tell the union.



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Fucking COVID!!  (and cancer) ( and mental illness) 
This forum of thousands  is largely driven by a few dozen stalwarts we count on to play their roles. 

The community suffers when we lose one of those stalwarts either because of their physical health or because their mental illness forces the moderators to cut off access. 

I cannot begin to fathom what it must be like to be seriously ill for over a year. ..... so seriously ill I couldn’t type. 

a few of my generally healthy friends have died. @hobothas continued to fight back for over a year. 

Fight on!!!

Fuck COVID !!! 


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