Honda Ridgeline Baja Race Truck Wins Its Class in the Baja 1000

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Didn't Toyota have to come up with a "special" engine to meet the NASCAR specs? It was a long time ago but I remember listening to a radio program, on the way back from Talladega International GP for a motorcycle race, that said NASCAR requires pushrod engines and Toyota's production v-8's are overhead cam.

We toured the MBZ Musume, and when we got to the Hall of Winners, one of the folks in our group asked the docent why MBZ didn't enter NASCAR; the reply was something to the tune of "we don't do amature racing, and we'll let you keep your trophies.."



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I got it back this morning and the auto start/stop was giving a new error message. Mechanic came back out and hooked his computer up to it. It was something to do with error codes generated as a result of cleaning fuel injectors. He cleared those and it still said the start/stop was "not ready" but this time didn't say why.

Watching him try to figure it out, I knew for sure I would never, ever work on this car.
I said I wouldn't go there either, but had to.

Land Rover problem and it was months till they could look at it. Borrowed a scanner and gotthe code. On those any one code can be caused by multiple sensors, this one was a simple $30 break switch that I ordered and replaced. Fixed!

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How about a Honda Ridgeline with an IndyCar engine it?

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I was impressed with the 8,500 rpm mentioned by Mike (Post #39).

Then I saw this - "It's an aluminum 2.2-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that, when revved up to its 12,000-rpm redline, produces 700 to 900 horsepower, according to the Hoonigan team."

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...with a 900hp mid engine!
700 to 900, which seems a kind of imprecise estimate for that kind of thing.

But can it haul wood around? I don't mean scraps. I mean 10 footers like these:


There were four of them. If I had to brake really hard, the top one would have taken out my air conditioning controls.

These were only inside because I bought them and got out to the parking lot before realizing that I couldn't put them on the roof racks because my ratchet straps are still... where they landed after being used for the hurricane.

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You need roof racks!
It has 'em and they're really cool. They fold down into side rails when not in use. Gets rid of all that wind resistance.

But you need to have the ratchet straps that ALWAYS live in the van for such purposes. ALL ratchet straps got put to use trying to hold things still in the curricane. Those haven't made it back into the van yet. Lots of things still haven't found their way back to where they belong...

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