Honestly, who really gives a damn about Afghanistan?


Super Anarchist
Suwanee River
They don’t even manufacture heroin.  Maybe some horse saddles or scarfs?
Spectacular rugs.

 But in all seriousness, it's a global 3 dimensional chess game. There doesn't have to be anything there, or anyone there, it's just a space on the board. You occupy that space to keep other players from taking other strategic places. Over the course of centuries, Gascanistan has proven to be a space that is very important for no other reason than that it seems that nobody can occupy it for long.



And guess who has a border with Afghanistan?  Somebody who can drive there, and wants a road with safe right of way….

I can’t figure why the UN couldn’t make Kabul a UN city- kind of like Berlin after WW2.  

I hope the weapons we’re giving away are obsolete- the Taliban and Iranians are making out.