Horse paste you say?


We knew hcl worked in April 2020. Henry Ford health system published a paper and we corroborated their results at work. I remember making fun of that retracted nejm paper with the fellas at the office. It was obvious after like 3 minutes of reading that the paper 'debunking' hcl was bullshit. Under the methodology in the paper. Hcl wouldn't even work against malaria.

Toci (arthritis medication) worked just as well as hydroxychloroquine. Couldn't tell you how or why, just that it did.

Both of them doubled a patients survival rate. Taken before infection or Taken after. Some people still took them and died. Some people still took the. Prophylactically and got sick (and some of them died). We had this scale, originally done in at Columbia (the hippie commune, not the country) that rated everyone based on their health. Most people rated between 1 and 20. One sucker rated 76. The higher your number on this scale (the more co-morbidities you had) the worse your chances. Age only played a role insofar as age and co-morbidities are related. If you got COVID in Feb or march and you had comorbidities, you were fucked. By May, everyone knew how to treat COVID and if you died from it you were either *really* sick or a victim of malpractice.

Everyone in health care knew all this by April 2020. The truth was suppressed because the eua for the vaccine required there to be no other viable treatment.

Later we discovered that ivermectin works too. By that time, medications were anathema in my state, so I can't personally vouch for ivermectin. Other than taking it myself, of course.

Thankfully there is a world outside of the anglosphere and the writing is on the wall. Japan and Thailand, especially, have a robust medical industry that is largely free from anglo (western) corruption.

Everybody knows. Some people refuse to admit it because they would have to admit they are either evil or stupid.


unless you grow and eat your own food, you are eating chemicals too. Many of them not so good for you.
I do grow quite a lot of my food, and what I can't grow, I do my best to ensure is the healthiest option available within financial reality. So far, so good.

I saw the clip on OAN not youtube. If believing the report makes you a moron, then I guess the Aussie's are morons too for doing the study.

Believing any video, posted anywhere, without evidence, indeed makes you a moron. Same as believing in sky fairies.

I spent a lot of time researching medical practitioners before settling on my doc, PA, and hospital. I rely on them for medical advice as I do not have the time or expertise to understand trials results and peer reviewed studies. I do know that I had to squirt my half a syringe full of ivermectin in my puppy's mouth for a few days to kill the worms in her asshole.

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Sadly Ivermectin does not appear to kill the assholes, only the worms.

Ah well, there was hope for a while.
Ivermectin is still on the WHO list of essential medicines.

I'm sure the 100's of millions of people whose eyesight has been saved or successfully treated for parasitic diseases saving lives are really grateful for your insightful sarcasm.

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