Hot Rum Regatta San Diego

Some nice condition for the SDYC Hot Rum races in San Diego today!

Lots of Photogs around, so there should be some good action shots being posted later !

Did notice this one out there showing some good form though ;)

Geez , that sucker can move !!

cheers Dal




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Cutting it close on the South mark !









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devil boy

I want to publicly acknowledge Scott and his more than worthy crew for kicking our humble behinds - Anarchy's crew rocks - we prayed for you before the race this morning



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Great props to Scot and the Anarchy team. We thought we were grinding them down in the roads, but they did a great job getting through the leeward pile up and did a great job of holding their kite all the way in. We... uhm... didn't fare as well.

The 111 looked damn good and really fast. We finished within seconds of each other with a couple of pesky 50s sandwiched between us.



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no contact and just a little yelling - the usual "room!" "no room!" fare. we squeezed in there and all was well. glad i didn't look back geoff! we thought we were hauling ass but you guys must have really been moving! and yes, the j/111 looked really strong going uphill. we seemed quite a bit faster with kites up, to be expected i would guess. again, why the hell we didn't put the zero up on that final leg was a testament to my stupidity. for sure we would have picked off the two remaining 105's in front of us. oh well, i'll take it - it was really an awesome day.


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