How about a The Ocean Race thread?

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Completely agree! I expressed similar sentiments on the thread a while back. This used to be my favourite race but now it barely has my attention so far has it fallen. Real shame.
Just to add to this, I’ve just seen the RORC Trans At pre race pics on Facebook which are infinitely more interesting than anything coming out of this race and I’ve got sod all interest in it. Sad times…


I can think of several sporting events…, but if TOR will do it better / closer than F1, i’ll be the first one to apologise…


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And just in from 11th Hour:
"Eight days after first testing positive for COVID-19 on arrival in Alicante, and Charlie Enright (USA) is still producing positive results. Race Control has approved Charlie being replaced by Justine for the In-Port Race today, and Simon Fisher (GBR) will be the designated skipper.

Charlie has been under close medical supervision and is following direction from the team’s doctor and medical experts. After a few days of a heavy cold, he is feeling back to normal and has no symptoms of the virus."

“It’s obviously not the planned build-up to the start of The Ocean Race for me,” said Charlie, “But what’s more important is ensuring that no one else on the sailing team catches COVID from me in the days leading up to the start. We are being ultra-cautious, which is the right approach, and I’m looking forward to being back with the team next week.”

So their crew for the In-Port:
  • Simon Fisher (designated skipper) GBR
  • Jack Bouttell AUS/GBR
  • Francesca Clapcich ITA
  • Justine Mettraux SUI
  • Amory Ross (media crew member) USA


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WindWhisper Racing Team (Poland) won the VO65 In-Port Race. They owned it from mark 1. The rest of the (5) boats DNF - wind dropped and could not make it to the line within 15 minutes.


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They set everything up in the hopes that the boats would be smoking around the course on foils but obviously the wind didn't cooperate. It wasn't really "in" the port, it was out off the beach and the big crowd was milling all over the area, also a concert at the end of the docks was pretty crowded so, considering the reduced fleet and light air it seemed like they attracted lots of attention. What I found interesting about the Imocas vs Volvos is the low volume of the Imoca hull. Hard to imagine having 5 people living inside the Imoca. It's also interesting how they are made to be sailed from inside. Of course in heinous weather that's gonna be nice but they are like small caves, in decent weather I think it might be preferable to be outside. Even when a lot more boats are racing you mostly focus on the leading 2 or 3 boats anyway so I'm still looking forward to it, hope they are all sailing close enough together to keep it exciting. After seeing the Imocas up close I think they are gonna be a real serious handful in big conditions.
I've just listened to the latest Bar Karate podcast, where they interviewed Rosalin Kuiper from Team Maliza. She talks about the damage that some of the IMOCA's suffered , either on the Route Du Rhum or on the return leg home. Listening to her, I'd be surprised if the IMOCA's manage to complete this race without significant issues.


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Dear 10th Tonner, I think they were trying to make the race appealing to the average schmoe, hoping that the boats would be hauling ass, lots of spray etc. They have probably correctly deduced that the average schmoe doesn't know or care about technical yacht racing. And yes, Malahide, seeing those boats up close really made me wonder how they are going to get through the Southern Ocean. The stress of foiling in big seas for long periods must be extremely wearing on machines and humans. Nothing but respect for all involved.

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