How is your town doing? Local Reports.



County just had first death.  Too many fully vaccinated are acting invulnerable.  We are requiring people on the property to wear n95s that we will supply.  Even then, some insist on cloth masks.  Things are becoming unfettered.  We are handing out this printout, but it’s really only preaching to the choir.  It’s kind of like radiation exposure badges. 


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I know this is well known, and the graph for Victoria above is amazing, as are the current cases in Israel, nevertheless, having flown to Cape Town for two months of kitesurfing right after Omicron was announced, I am about to fly back to East-central Illinois where the Omicron wave is just past peak but still high. These are for a county of 220,000. YIKES! I'm triple Moderna vaccinated so should be okay, but compare that with only 3000 case country-wide in South Africa yesterday.

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