How to get people to ride your sled


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I was invited to race on a sexy fast-looking boat I saw over at Spring OSC. Long story short, the Skipper was cool (not a screaming idiot) but being new to the area, hadn't locked in a crew. Mayhem ensued... one guy left to get beer, never to return; one girl decided a no call, no show was ok. We didn't race.

So, experienced Skippers, speak up! What works for recruiting and retaining dedicated crew? Let’s help this guy become competitive, getting boring seeing the same top three in that fleet!



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You pretty much know the answer already. Skipper is new to the area, you are the "local knowledge" for him. We all try to jump on the newb's boat to show them the courses tides or currents if any and just get them a little more comfortable with the area. Hit the club/fleet bar or gathering area and recruit a one time crew. Talk - up the new skipper. Don't claim the skipper is Ken Read's smarter brother, but your post description sounds like what half of racing crew would like to find. Newb skipper IS NOT going to recruit crew until racers see his boat out on the course. The effort you put in now to get him going this season is going to pay big dividends to your fleet, newb skipper and you. Good Luck.



I think there are two solid options, either find the "good guys" on other boats in the area and get them to sail for races their regular boats may not be racing in or find some eager, enthusiastic, perhaps less experienced crew you can groom into your core race team. The latter requires a little bit of patience at first but in the long run, a core of loyal, fun people who know the boat inside and out is what you want.

i'm in the area, PM me



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It's a sled. People should be coming out of the woodwork to get a ride.

Find a pro who is willing to teach. A pro or experienced sailmaker will not only add knowledge for a less experienced crew, this person will save you money on equipment breakage.

Also a well maintained boat with good sails always attract good sailors.

Crew gear is a nice bonus.

Sandwich program is a must.

Lots of beer afterwards will help cohesion amongst a new crew.

good luck

have 20 people for buoy racing