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And 93 years later, the Peking looks better than ever after returning to her home in Hamburg after her 120 million Euro retrofit.  Built for the nitrate trade between Hamburg and Valparaiso, Chile, she survived as a boys sailing training ship (moored in fresh water on a river) before here two score of years at South Street Seaport in New York.

20190624-peking-ausdocken-fotos-videos-joachimkaiser-img-2697.jpg peking-stiftunghamburgmaritim-alexandre-poirier-01.png

A young Irving Johnson realized that she was last of a dying bread and sailed on her with cases of 16mm film to make this wonderful record of 40 south to 40 south on one of the last built steel hull square riggers.

There is a series of videos of her re-work after her return to Hamburg on Youtube (link below).  The photos below show the quality of the re-work.  I would not doubt she would be seaworthy to sail out from the Hamburg channel to sea  when the retrofit is fully complete.

A truly remarkable story in the hit and mostly miss history of historic ship preservation.

Youtube (turn on English closed captions)

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I am very fortunate to have been aboard the Peking in at the South Street Seaport Museum and the Passat in Travemundi.  For the Passat we were given a tour set up by a survivor from the Pamir.  He had been in touch with my mother to access her collection of photos my father had taken when Pamir came to Canada from New Zealand during the war.  He wrote a beautiful book on the history of the Pamir.  These are such incredible ships and It is great to see that so much has been done to keep another around for future generations to see and appreciate in real life.

Our family has been so fortunate to have met some of the men who had sailed on them.