Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV)

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The next “Covid”? I’m just getting over a nasty bug. Tested negative for Covid, RSV, and the Flu. Sinus bug that turned into a non stop deep cough. Chest X-Ray indicated Pneumonia. Doctor gave me a Z Pack and Amoxicillin, but still lingering after two weeks. Had similar back in November, but not quite as bad. Overall, I’d say it was worse than Covid!

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Anti-biotic resistant infections are more common and more serious... well, they can kill you, that's about as serious as it can get.

Anti-science people will scoff at this too. After all, it's that darn evolution!


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Had 2 week jury duty recently, just before leaving the court reporter visited us, mentioned a defense attorney was sick and something was going around the courthouse. A few days later I had the exact symptoms that sb had. Still Covid free although checked for that. Sinus and chest cough really sucked and lasted for weeks. I am very rarely ill (believe it's better to give than receive :cool: ) and this was the worst I have felt in many years. Now at least it has a name beyond This Sucks.


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Mr Clew still has the upper respiratory infection that started 2 weeks ago. Doc says there are a lot of nasty viruses around
and he could get a test but it wouldn't make a difference since no treatment. Fortunately no coughing.
He learned a lesson about hand gel vigilance!


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I've had a persistent dry barking cough for 6 months like croup. Not frequent, just 2-3 times a day otherwise feel fine. Daughter has the same (so it's not smoker related, I quit 6 months ago). we've had chest xrays, sputum tests, all good. She's had mild covid 2x and 4 shots, I'm still a novid with 5 shots.
Doctors (several) just say time will cure it. It's just a bug that's going around everywhere.


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😲 our Canberra friends used to talk about the 30 day cough and we got it once...but 6 months is a bit much.

Edit: this was in 2015 when we chartered a boat in FNQ with them and another couple. Before covid. Maybe before covid, lol.
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Ease the sheet.

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Hiding in your mom's basement for 4 years will do that to you.
My understanding of science is such that I've avoided being sick for a very long time.

Covid has been little more than a hiccup.

It's biggest effect has been the outing of idiotic fuckwits like you. You and your brethren have been hiding in the shadows and under rocks for too long.

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