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What decisions can a VP make? Office decorations? Which funerals to attend? Banquet menu?

Can attend cabinet meetings, but no actual power.

So rather a dead end as far as accusations of influence peddling.
Besides for that, didn't we just get over 4 years of presidential offspring grifting their asses off without even trying to hide it and peddling influence left, right, center, and on live TV? That seems to have been OK :rolleyes:

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Besides for that, didn't we just get over 4 years of presidential offspring grifting their asses off without even trying to hide it and peddling influence left, right, center, and on live TV? That seems to have been OK :rolleyes:
Bullshitters are just bullshitting to gin up a distraction. My guess is that something has either happened or is about to happen with the Most Honest and Forthright law Abiding Republican in History Bigly. Maybe he has received a target letter (ht MSW) or is just freaking out over his two attorneys testifying all day Friday without privilege, or losing the Aileen Cannon defensive line. Could be any of it. But bullshitters are clearly trying to change the topic.


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As I understood it, Cheney had a lot of influence as VP. I guess I was mistaken.

Different White House. You're comparing Obama and W the Stupid. Stupid was a patrician class nothing. He just wanted to be President and fit the bill for Republicans.

On the other hand, Cheney was considered Stupid's adult supervision and basically got his way. I will grant that towards the end Stupid had had enough of Cheney. So Scooter Libby didn't get a pardon. Libby only got a commutation; and then he his voting rights restored by the (Republican) Governor of Virginia; and then he was finally pardoned by Shitstain. You know, for outing a CIA operative as revenge for her husband dissing Stupid's WMD claims.

BTW, Cheney tried to say that the Office of the VP was not subject to an Executive Order for safeguarding secret documents because the VP also served as President of the Senate and thus was thus not subject to an Executive Order regarding the executive branch.

Yeah, that didn't fly.


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Actually, Winston Churchill had the same sort of problems with Randolph Churchill. Then there's Justin Trudeau's brother's embarrassing propaganda gig in Iran. However, it's the Bible that says one is not responsible for the sins of others.

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The HB laptop is obviously a poorly crafted political hit in the style of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. It's kind of shocking at how carelessly they are when coming up with these schemes and even more shocking that guys like @veni vidi vici and @Peter Andersen buy into them so wholeheartedly.
Those two are possibly the best examples of rabid partisans so easily led by their masters. They offer no evidence, serve to simply stir shit, and gleefully wallow in juvenile name-calling. My favorite is vvv's "loinfomofo". Something tells me he gets a chubby when he types it, and giggles when he hits the "post reply" button. Probably thinks "I showed them!"

They are simply not worth the electrons bothered in a response.

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Money is a medium for transactions and a store of value. Crypto fails utterly on both counts.
Anything that worked as money would not be an investment, wild swings in value either way do NOT make for good money, never mind the ephemeral and faddish nature of crypto.
No reason why crypto can’t become the next currency, after all it is a system of trust, no different than wampum beads or beaver pelts.
It’s a return to a direct system without so many middlemen toll collectors and officials tasked with monitoring a secure system that ultimately become corrupt themselves.

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Does anyone remember Billy Beer?
Yes, but Billy Carter didn't really do anything wrong except be himself. The beer idea was in poor taste, but not selling influence/access. One of H. W. Bush's brothers tried to sell access to the President to a Yakuza boss! H. W. Bush wanted no part of that, just as I guess that Joe Biden knows he shouldn't take part in his son's schemes.

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