Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

So I was visiting Hawaii on vacation and came across Hydroptere after a tourist booze cruise. Since I followed this boat for years I decided to come back when I was sober and take some pictures. What I found was an Abandoned Vessel notice. The boat was obviously not in use and not being kept up.

After I took pictures I found the Harbor Master and he told me the story from his perspective.

The boat arrived around TransPac and had no planned berth. They were denied by many harbors including this one. But after begging and promising to be out at the next record attempt, they are granted permission. The crew docked, tied up, and left. That was the last contact the Harbor Master ever had with anyone involved in the boat. No money ever showed up and all attempts to contact the owner(s) went unanswered. He even tried calling the sponsors who refused to have anything more to do with the boat.

So the Abandoned Vessel notice went up months ago. The rigger and crane are scheduled to pull the boat, dismantle it and place all the parts on the hard, out of the way of upcoming events.

Abandoned vessels cannot be sold as boats because there is no title. However the harbor has the right to dismantle the boat and sell it for parts and scrap the rest. This is the plan. He hopes to recover his legal, rigger, crane, back storage, etc. by selling the hydraulics and mast. Everything else is probably too unique to be of value. The crane is scheduled. This should happen soon.

So I asked how much he was hoping to get, how much he would take if someone walked up to him today with cash? If someone walked up with $20,000 today the boat and all its legal issues would be theirs as long as it left the harbor.

Is this how boats die? It's so sad.

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Thanks for the info. I find it sad and unbelievable that the grand old lady of foiling could meet such an end!!

Picture by Francis Demange-


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As long as it took them to sail the Hydroptere from CA to Hawaii, I'm not surprised the crew never looked back. It had lost its funding a couple of years ago while in San Francisco and had been almost abandoned there. I met the skipper and he was owed a good bit of back pay I think. I was surprised that the Kiteboat record attempt came about as it was. The boat got a bit of sponsorship from a company called Finesse on the West Coast. Enough to put their logo on it but not get it home. Call them up and ask WTF!


Maybe they should send the bill to Prince Albert of Monaco


In any case, it is a shame.



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They had an amazingly slow trip to Hawaii, but it wasn't the boat's fault. There was no wind for most of their route--it took hours to get from Koko Head to Diamond Head. We were warned in advance that the boat has a history of showing up and being abandoned for lengthy periods of time. The harbor master took them in as they promised to move before Transpac. Everyone associated with it disappeared and there it sat- right where we needed to put the deep draft vessels coming over in the race.



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Can't sell it because it has no American title?

Can't it be seized & sold complete. You yanks have some whack rules. Maybe you should have accepted British rule 😀



I actually took the the time to read that and while puzzled about its origin, I read it twice before noting the cross post apology. No prob.

I think I know who you are talking about.


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