I Left Two Friends in San Francisco @ the End of the AC

I had many things getting in my way and just about couldn't make it

But I had made a Promise to take 2 Ladies to the AC in SF for a ride on me YACHT

One of them rode on me YACHT in Auckland @ the AC-2000

and had been looking forward to going to SF and taking another AC Spin on DA-WOODY

The Other Lady I had never met in person but was a friend I knew from Sailing Anarchy

We never spoke about a ride on me YACHT but she came along anyway

Every PIC you see of me YACHT from the 34th AC has them riding along

We Splashed and Crashed through the Ebb tide Tuesday evening after the racing was over

and Ran a Lap around the Track on Race 19 - It Was Just So Perfect

It was Plenty Warm & Sunny and I was able to run Full Throttle Just Blasting Along (25mph)

Sometimes "Everything" Just goes Perfect and this was one of those times

The Come-Back of ALL Come-Backs happened right in front of us

It Was Incredible And Un-Believable

Once the Race was over and the Champagne Filled the Air around the AC Village

I scattered my friends One at a Time to become a Part of the America's Cup and SF Bay

I'm home but they are there for the BBS

Any Pic you ever see taken after Thursday evening of SF Bay is a Pic of them too

Those from San Diego may have known Karen Goldberg

And Everyone here Knows Our Own Courageous Fighter "MSG" = Mainsheetgirl

May both you Ladies Continue the America's Cup Party

and explore New Places Wherever the Currents and Wind Take You B)

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Very nicely done Woody. I saw you out there on Wednesday, totally out of your normal context. I'm glad that you were able to accommodate your friends. They deserved a special moment.




I have never met any of you and raced on the great lakes. I am a cancer survivor and this brought me a tear. Well done Woody!!!