I Quit racing Actively Because...


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Kent Island!
There is a LOT I want back that is not ever likely to happen.

I want the economy that allowed boat ownership with one parent working and free time for the middle class

I want every race finish to have a gang of kids coming off the boats to hook up with their friends.

I want the old rules back so I can yell MAST ABEAM :D

I want W/L racing on short courses banished back to dinghies. "Sailing to Bermuda? Nah.. Oxford at leat.....nah.. See that orange thing a mile away? THAT is where we're going"

I know everyone has their own circle that influences their outlook, so for me I see people that have owned boats forever and couldn't even dream of buying the same boat new.

BTW - on the bright side, I am one week into a two week "cruise" that mainly is my son and his friend sailing Optis every day and living on the boat. So I did THE most important thing to keep your kid sailing - got him a friend to hang with. Not sure how much they want to RACE the Optis yet, they like less structure so far. Sail down the river to the rope swing sounds like the best thing to them right now ;)

Please bring me back!!!

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My guess is that with just a 5 boat fleet it wasn't worth the time and effort. To me unless your a pro and money is involved, protests are just to work on getting someone you race against often to follow the rules.

Tejano said:
Results were predictable when one design racer brought out his cheater genoa and walked on the "fleet".
so why didn't you protest instead of bitching about it here?

If what you say is true, you and the other three competitors are letting the guy get away with it, and encouraging the situation.

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