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Under the affluence of excessive incahol people do a lot of things they wouldn't normally do. I've been to a few office parties where lots of drinking has lead to certain things. It's quite conceivable that she was "up for it" right up until the moment she passed out and upon waking her attitude changes... It's most certainly not out of the question that the urge to "cry rape" might be more about covering her tracks with the boyfriend. I had an ex do that, but she would not let me pay the guy a visit or go to the police.

In there should be a different law to cover non-consentual sex in circumstances like this.

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Brittany Higgins unavailable today as trial of Bruce Lehrmann enters second week​

Former Liberal Party staffer Brittany Higgins has been unavailable today in the trial of her former colleague Bruce Lehrmann.

Mr Lehrmann is on trial in the ACT Supreme Court for the alleged rape of Ms Higgins, his then-colleague, in Parliament House after a drunken night out in March 2019.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and denies any sexual activity took place.

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum told the jury this morning that Ms Higgins was unavailable today.

She said the trial would resume, but that the prosecution needed time to gather other witnesses.

Today is the fifth day of the trial, as it enters its second week.

It is expected to continue for at least four weeks.

Mr Lehrmann's lawyers began cross-examining Ms Higgins last week, and were expected to continue today.

So the accuser/witness takes the day off.... seems very stange. Off negotiating a book sequal deal?

I hope that the defence council has been told the reason for this no-show and is accepting of the excuse.

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Brittany Higgins to return to court on Friday​

Angus Thompson

ByAngus Thompson

October 12, 2022 — 1.29pm
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Brittany Higgins will return to court on Friday after the former Liberal staffer was unavailable to continue her evidence in the trial of Bruce Lehrmann on Monday.
ACT Supreme Court judge Lucy McCallum told the jury on Wednesday Higgins would return to court in two days’ time. There is a non-publication order over other evidence in the proceedings in her absence.
Brittany Higgins will return to court on Friday.

Brittany Higgins will return to court on Friday.CREDIT:ALEX ELLINGHAUSEN
Lehrmann, who worked with Higgins for former Coalition minister Linda Reynolds, is facing a six-week trial after having pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting Higgins in Reynolds’ office in the early hours of March 23, 2019.
Lehrmann denies having sex with Higgins.

Higgins had begun giving evidence from the witness box last week before she became unavailable. She will continue to be cross-examined by Lehrmann’s barrister, Steven Whybrow, when she returns.


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Another of Meli's heroines has feet of clay...

The brilliant thing out of this is that we no longer have to listen to Adam Bandt banging on about transparency, accountability and trust.


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He thinks it's interesting because the few people who died after being vaccinated, will get their funeral paid for. But the vast majority who died of COVID-19, not vaccinated, have to pay for their own!

Great idea I thought.

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