I14 Capsize Compilation

Matt D

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You guys look stiff from the cold.  What were the air/water temps?

Next time bring the brandy.
With our steamer wetsuits, the air and water didn't feel too cold. 

The bulk of our poor performance was due to being rusty (a month since our last sail), and being tired (slower, poor judgment).

The water was extremely flat, with some ridiculous puff/lulls.

I swear we're normally much better than this...


Matt D

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Very close. The Superman is a waterstart with the crew away from the boat, boat goes upright, crew launches and lands on the rail. Bonus points for landing on their feet.
I love it when the recoveries go like that!  Sadly it would have involved me picking up the jib sheet after handing the mainsheet off at the bear-away...

Hmm, maybe we should have ibuprofen available with the daily keg....
The guy doing this at the North Americans was a true gentleman - never got to thank him.  Cruising the dinghy park after racing with a wheelbarrow full of ice, beer, rums, and vitamin i.  What a saint.

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Exactly the opposite of the Berkeley Circle.  Steady 15-22kts but with short stiff chop especially on an ebb tide.  Make sure your footstraps are rock solid!
Does a 14 turtle like a 505 does? The fleet went through a lot of masts at the 2009 worlds on the circle.

your sail home to RIchmond will be a lot nicer than ours was to St. Francis.



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Mr T.

1.3 G, Impressive, was that Vertical or Horizontal?  

A slogan I saw on a T shirts.  "Speed doesn't kill, it's the unscheduled stop."



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Booby Too aren't the only ones in the CAN fleet with "Talent"... Recent training in Kingston for the SF Worlds:


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