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East central Illinois
Good ice coming up in middle of the country this weekend.

Sadly I am selling my DN this weekend, have not used it for a decade as I have been going to South Africa to kitesurfer each winter, and now with rotator cuff surgery I will not use it again this year. Best let someone else enjoy it. I'll go out with my buddies and watch the show.

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Serge A. Storms

Not much racing due to COVID stuff this year but there was plenty of hard water sailing-

Here is a vid of a few boats living it up on Moosehead Lake in Maine in early April.  Take a look and if you want to give it a go next year send me a message, I have an extra boat for you to use.  It's a blast and anyone can get the things moving-

Think Ice!    Serge

Moosehead Lake Ice Sailing Aerials - YouTube



I got kicked off a frozen lake by a NPS Ranger because "boats" weren't allowed.

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Serge A. Storms

Hell Yeah!   If you are in New England and want to give it a try PM me and I'll throw you in my spare boat this winter-  just show up at the lake!

Also you can come to the swap meet-  interesting to see the boats and gear and meet the gang.

Think ICE!  Serge



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Ann Arbor, MI
That'd be so awesome if it was here in my local area!  But I know ice is close to premium condition all over right now.  Just look at some of the recent vids coming out of CT.

Ok, so not in the Detroit area.

"Walled Lake in Novi, Michigan is no longer under consideration as the site for the 2022 U.S. Nationals. Safety, launch, parking, and course size were factors in that decision. Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin is the primary site. Two ranked sailors are inspecting and sailing the lake this morning. Weather will play a factor in the decision to hold the regatta. We are waiting for a report from a professional weather forecaster.  Racing is still scheduled to begin on Sunday, January 23 at 10 AM local time. Next update is Friday, January 21, at 2 PM CT/ 3 PM ET. Thank you for your continued patience."



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Was it a proper Le Mans start?
I wasn't there unfortunatly.
Ask Sander. Can you leave a DN ice sailer skid alone without being blown away?
I never sailed one. I used to take a windsurf sail with me on the ice wearing viking skates. Man was I the fastest.
But that is history now in the netherlands. We did not have one day of skate-able ice this year.

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