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Finally took Starr for her first boat ride on our 'toon boat up the Peace River to Nav A Gator for lunch.


It's an hour ride and the tail stayed like that pretty much the whole way up and back. She liked the restaurant part, not a big fan of the boating part, especially when our tiny ship was tossed by wakes.

Watching her watch the wake and the spray coming off the pontoons, it occurred to me that a 'toon ride seems pretty tame to a human but there's a lot of water being thrown around pretty violently and it's loud.

She still has no interest in swimming, even if I'm in the pond with bacon.

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Sometimes... the dog finds you.

Introducing: Our Dal.


A neighbor put out a call for help: a friend of hers was hospitalized, and her dog needed care for three days over the weekend. Well... I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress, so six hours later we had a Dalmatian to entertain. She was a sweetheart and got along famously with our menagerie. Then, the friend's prognosis turned south, it became obvious that she would have to enter long term rehab, and the dog would have to be put up for adoption.

The dotted dog had fit in so well into our nuthouse, and she had gotten really, really good at making goo-goo eyes at my wife...

She 4 YO, happy, loving, whip smart, everyone's best friend, cat and dog compatible, sleeps half-way through the night religiously, very vocal, loves her walkies and the acre and a half of backyard, with a bushel of personality she's more than willing to share. A very different dog from a German Shepherd.

And I'm liking it.
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here is our new GSP Champion Vomhart's Odyssey Logan's Run. He was a gift from a very sweet 73 year old friend of my wife's. He is an AKC breed champion and she is not able to handle him for the showing she wants to do. I could not say no to this wonderful dog, he is extremely well mannered and loves everyone. His tail never stops wagging. My wife said he is a goofy good time guy and she was right. He and our other GSP Josie are getting along better than we expected.

We are starting to train him for competition obedience and fast cat or lure coursing - this guy is FAST.. I want to get him into shed hunting and possibly blood tracking if I can find time and places to train at.

He will be 2 years old this Saturday Sept 24th 2022


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greyhounds have two speeds.. full lazy to full speed chase... mine would get out occasionally, he would sound like a horse running up and down peoples front yards.. take him to the dog park and he would stand by my side..
Ours had a routine: each day we'd ride down to the creek on the Kawasaki Mule and at the last turn on the way back he would stop and look at me. That was my signal to floor it. The Mule did 20 mph. He'd wait until we were halfway down the road then come after us. Sounding like a horse throwing a rooster tail of sand, he'd round the corner into a home field in front of us.

One day, we learned why he was fired after only one month of racing. A rabbit bolted across his path. If he just kept going, it would have landed in his mouth. He jumped over it. The view of this from directly behind was pretty hilarious.


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I've had a couple dogs that ate like cats, but neither one of them ever had to compete with littermates for food out of a bowl.
My big female lab I had up until a couple years ago got 3 cups of crunchy stuff in a giant bowl every morning before I left for work.
sometimes it would all be gone when I got home and sometimes she wouldn't have touched it, and sometimes it would be half gone.
Never could spot a pattern for that.

Current little maniac puppy Border/Doodle is very unmotivated by food and will nibble periodically at what's in the bowl until it's gone and then bug me for a mild bone or rawhide chewy.. she'll park her happy ass next to the pantry where they hide until I give her one.
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The West Paw Zisk is Starr's favorite toy. She destroys them surprisingly quickly, as mentioned above.

Yesterday I was at the pet store and picked up a Chuckit ZipFlight. We may have a new winner.


She really liked it and so tried really hard to destroy it. It was really funny. It flies better than I expected. It's soft with a foam and/or rubber core and fabric covering. Just played for a bit at sunset so it remains to be seen how long it lasts but if it was easy to destroy it would already be mangled.