ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder


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If you want to buy a new "Laser" in the UK. New Lasers
I guess a price cut on an "identical" hull means they are probably not selling to racers. Shows you what the stamp of authenticity so you can race is actually worth.


from ovington, there is no like for like package to compare (from a first glance):


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The thing is if you sell your new ILCA after a year in the uk ,it’s still worth well over £6000 and you will sell it quickly and easily.
If you want to sell your new ‘Laser ‘ after a year you might get around £3000( I have seen one up for £4000 but it didn’t sell ) if you can find a buyer that doesn’t know it not ILCA class legal . But you won’t sell it quickly and easily. Plus what ever you do don’t try and sell it on fb marketplace because someone WILL ask if it’s class legal . 😀


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Charleston, SC
Fiscal 2020 had a deep dive in it followed by a higher recovery by end of year, making it a growth year. 2022 was a negative growth year on all indexes. Your dataset stretches from 2017 to 2022. Coincidentally, the only year with participation lower than the year before in your dataset is 2022. My worry is that the growth present in your data is possibly more of a local maximization rather than systemic growth. Also, correct me if I'm wrong here, but the increased participation from in the 4.7 is largely kids who technically could be in optis or 420's, yes?

All true and I mentioned those aspects regarding our sport in my sort of rant. In 2021 we benefited from being a MAGA state and actually held open regattas. We were flooded with sailors from VA and FL at the events we had. In 2022 we lost a bit, (but not all) of that traffic plus a few in the Master age group. One was ill, another 2 simply took the year off, but still have their boats. Some focused on a new class, (VX One specifically). Yes, our Jr explosion pretty much wiped out the Open Bic class and we're getting people out of the Optis earlier than in the past with the 4 rig. In our area I find those who sail the 420's are pretty much sticking to them. Particularly the high school sailing crowd. Also, those boats are "free" which I think is a big help there. We ARE getting NEW ILCA boats in the district and the used ones are going to those just coming in which helps our D12 growth. We also have several Jr's that are registered as class members in our district but we never see them locally as they are top 10%'ers nationally.


I'm buying Lasers for my club, already this year got a red and white as above and the blue and white. There is a black and white one lurking in some weeds locally..........
We took the blue and white one down to the club last saturday, the youngsters love it.
Now for some coloured sails, I need to buy 4 radials and I think I'm going to get the village sailmaker to make them in colours.
Lasers and sailing in general went all "corporate" vela grey, solid reds, blues and blacks for clothing. Everybody wearing the same gear, uck. God, they looked dull and uninspiring.
We have a very old (sail number in the 85000's) green one at our club.
The guy who owns it, only sails it with a 4.7 rig, when it's blowing old
Normally he sails a two man boat with his wife/daughter, but when they get scared, out comes old faithful.
My nephew sails an old yellow one.
Also there is a chocolate brown one with yellow & red stripes, an orange one & a couple of blue ones. But they never move, apart from to mow the grass!
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